Friday, September 16, 2011

Enzymes: The Key to Good Health and Longevity

"For most Americans, eating mostly raw foods may involve a significant adjustment in dietary habits. But if the idea is to maximize nutritional impact, including enzyme levels, there is no question that raw is the way to go..."

Monday, September 12, 2011

California Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Act on the ballot in November 2012

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Hello California Food Activists,October is right around the corner. That's the month for us to start gathering signatures to get the California Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Act on the ballot in November 2012. Folks, we need your help! This is a unique opportunity, something totally new for California. What we do here will change the face of GMO policy in the whole country. If you care about your right to know what's in your food, then NOW is the time to ACT. We are at a crossroads with both GMOs and this campaign. If we want to see labels on GMOs, we need to amp it up in September with meetings and in October gathering signatures. The future of our food and the future of biodiversity depend on it! While we are growing every week, we still need contacts and organizational "Seed Meetings" in some key areas in Southern California. If you live in any of these areas please help us organize a meeting so we can find others who want to gather signatures. For more info visit:

Monday, September 5, 2011

If You Want to Do Good and Preserving Acts You Must Think and Act Locally

 Wendell Berry

I don't think 'global thinking' is futile, I think it is impossible. You can't think about what you don't know and nobody knows this planet. Some people know a little about a few small parts of it... The people who think globally do so by abstractly and statistically reducing the globe to quantities. Political tyrants and industrial exploiters have done this most successfully. Their concepts and their greed are abstract and their abstractions lead with terrifying directness and simplicity to acts that are invariably destructive. If you want to do good and preserving acts you must think and act locally. The effort to do good acts gives the global game away. You can’t do a good act that is global… a good act, to be good must be acceptable to what Alexander Pope called “the genius of the place.” This calls for local knowledge, local skills and local love that virtually none of us has and that none of us can get by thinking globally. We can get it only by a local fidelity that we would have to maintain through several lifetimes… I don’t wish to be loved by people who don’t know me; If I were the planet I would feel exactly the same way.