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Newsletter 8/3/12

 This Week's List | August 10th - August 13th

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Vic & Marissa
New Farm!
Meet the Bahati Mamas
Pauma Valley, CA
In their native language, Kizigua, "bahati" means "lucky." The "Bahati Mamas" consider themselves lucky to have this opportunity and are committed to bringing you the finest quality produce. 
The "Bahati Mamas" are eleven hardworking women who have been life-long farmers. They are Bantu refugees who were displaced from their homes by the brutal civil war in Somalia. After nearly 17 years in refugee camps, the mamas were given a chance to start over in the United States.  Through enormous tenacity and perseverance, they built new lives for themselves and their children, once again around farming, after graduating from the International Rescue Committee's Refugee Entrepreneurial Agriculture Program (REAP).

Bahati Mamas Farm FAQ:
Do you grow your own produce?
Yes. We till the soil, sow the seeds, weed and water, harvest - all by hand. At first, the International Rescue Committee trained us through the REAP program. Now we have learned all the skills we need and farm entirely by ourselves.

Where do you grow your produce?
We sub-lease land on the International Rescue Committee's training farm. It is located in the beautiful Pauma Valley, outside Escondido, at the foot of Mount Palomar. It is the same land that used to be Tierra Miguel Farm.

Is your produce organic?
Yes and No. Due to the prohibitive cost of certification, our produce does not carry the USDA Organic label. However, all of our farming practices are sustainable and rely on natural inputs. We never use any chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We also practice water conservations to be good stewards of the land.

New This Week 
From Stehly's:
Reed Avocados   
From Suzie's:   
Red Swan Beans
From Smit Orchards 
Royal Gala Apples
From Bahati Mamas
Ong Choy (Water Spinach)
Green Onions 
From Jackie's Jams
Triple Berry Jam
Peach Mango - no sugar added 
Discount Bulk Orders
10 Cucumbers 
1lb Cilantro 
Sticking Around
Dragon Fruit
Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes 

Bringing Back  
Grape Tomatoes
Rainbow Chard
Oak Leaf Lettuce 

How to eat your dragon fruit!
How to eat your dragon fruit!

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